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Children's Menu 

   Childrens Specials 
(for those guests 9 and under, please)
All kidís meals come with a beverage, one side, and a dessert.
Chicken Fingers  $4.99 
Grilled Hot Dog  $3.50 
Penne with Marinara Sauce  $3.50 
Penne with Alfredo Sauce  $4.50 
Turkey Sandwich  $4.50 
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich  $3.50 
Grilled Hamburger  $4.75 
Grilled Cheeseburger  $4.99 
Grilled Cheese  $3.99 

French Fries  included 
Rice Pilaf  included 
Fresh Vegetable  included 
Side Salad  included 
Grapes  included 
Apple Sauce  included 

Milk  included 
Chocolate Milk  included 
Soda  included 
Juice  included 
Hot Chocolate  included 
Shake*  $1.25 
*Additional Charge $1.25 

Vanilla Ice Cream  included 
Home Baked Cookie  included 
Strawberry Shortcake*  $1.25 
*Additional Charge $1.25 
Ice Cream Sundae*  $1.25 
*Additional Charge $1.25 

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